If youre happy with how it looks, you can go ahead and trim the lift cords. Microsoft Word - Cordless Wood blinds Shortening Instructions.doc Author: AB07048 Created Date: Measure Window's Height It is to measure the length you need for mini-blinds, from the casing on top to all the way down to the window sill. Gary Evans is passionate about home improvement. 1:09. RJK{lGBks g :N If you would like to utilize your cordless blind warranty in the future, perhaps shortening your blinds is not the best option. Step 4: Take off the end caps/bottom rail buttons, Step 8: Raise the bottom rail to the new slat, Step 9: Insert the ladder cords into the bottom rail, Step 10: Check the desired length of the blind and Trim the Ladder Cords, Step 11: Threat the ladder cords through the eyelets, Step 12: Slide the eyelets into the bottom rail and Trim excess ladder cords, Step 13: Slide bottom slat into the bottom rail. Page 11 of 11 Trim&Go! from application/x-indesign to application/pdf The standard pull cord is the most common lift control for Roman Shades. Once inside the opening, pull on the lift cords. You can shorten them at home in a few easy steps. HWkoV_}EmQI![dhAX,z,~H+KC6d>Co'Y/t? You must refer to that measurement later to see if your window can accommodate the headrail that will be installed. Looking to add some personality and privacy to your front door? Here are the basic steps for shortening the blinds: -Locate the cord located at the center of the blind and gently pull it down. Watch Video Download Instructions Shop Take Out The End Caps: Check the bottom of the end rail to see if the end caps are already installed. Hold your valance up to the top of your blinds. Want an Update? stream The ideal length should be even with or one slat below your window sill. Be sure that you have enough ladder hanging to be able to insert these strings into the plug holes in the bottom rail. Snap on the top and then snap on the bottom. 0 You should find spare eyelets included with your blinds. You can buy the best cordless blind units at amazon.com. All you need are a pair of scissors and a couple of basic hand tools.Some tools used in this video include:Cutco Model 77 Scissors:https://amzn.to/3hjppDsPrecision Long Nose Pliers:https://amzn.to/2VqFfnQPainters Tool:https://amzn.to/3yUmEOJDisclaimer: This description contains affiliate links. How to Shorten Levolor Cordless (Cord Free) Ready-Made Faux Wood Blinds If you need help, we shorten for $25 per window. Tip 1: Starting Off First, lower the cellular shades to the their full length. This should involve inserting the ladder cords into the rail from the top side and pulling them from the underside of the bottom rail. There are different ways to remove each of them. Notice that you will mount the blinds somewhere at the top of the window casing. Tuck all the cords appropriately inside the bottom rail and slide the bottom slat into the bottom rail as the final step. Shop Now. To remove the excess slats, simply slide each of them out of the three string ladders to remain with your desired length. Measure to the nearest 18" between outermost points where shade is to be placed. 12. 2017-06-01T10:24:19-04:00 Watch this QuickDemo video to see it in action. This video shows the steps for custom length shortening Cordless Blinds. Although shortening cordless blinds is not a walk in the park, as in the case of corded blinds, you can reduce them. Take full control of your blinds and shades with LEVOLOR InMotion - Powerful options from automated scheduling, voice command, and simple remote convenience. -Remove the bottom rail of the blinds and make the necessary cuts. Push The Eyelets In The Headrail: They must be pushed in as far as possible. Do not hurry into this procedure. Take them out by twisting them off or using a pen or knife to pop them out if they are difficult to be disengaged. This will release the brackets and the blinds. To operate the blinds, you simply need to grasp the bottom rail in the middle and pull it up or down with a gentle, even force. endstream endobj startxref This should involve snapping them on. Measurement should overlap each side of window frame by at least 1 12". Raise the Bottom Rail To The New Slat: You must depress the lift button and raise the bottom rail till the point where it touches the new bottom slat. uuid:bce70934-d443-1b48-b8da-1b58837d3f2d To get the right measurements for your blinds, you first need to determine what kind of set youre using. Discard the removed slats whichever way you see fit. NECESSARY TOOLS: Scissors Screwdriver Tweezers or Pliers STEP 1 Install and lower the blind fully. 2) Locate the excess slats from the bottom. Regardless of the design, you need to release the plugs to allow access to the string ladders (often three in number) and the lift cord on the mini-blinds. 3. Attach it by snapping it onto the valance clips that you secured to your headrail. They first remove the excess slats by cutting them and then cut the horizontal connector cords immediately after. Note that some people interchange step six above with this step. How to Install How to Measure Aluminum Blinds Cellular Shades Drapery Panels Exterior Solar Shades Faux Wood Blinds Plantation Shutters Pleated Shades Roller & Solar Shades Roman Shades Sheer Shades Skylights & Arches Vertical Blinds Wood Blinds Woven Wood Shades Continuous Loop LIft Cordless Easy to Clean Economy Expedited Production The last slat of your blinds is called the bottom rail and pushed into it are two or more bottom rail plugs. Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you. Youve probably heard the terms light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout -- but may be wondering: Whats the difference? Well, lets find out! To see a detailed video of this operation, visit our website at: . ****************************************************** Subscribe to Repair City to see more videos for tips and tricks just like these. Inspect the newly shortened blinds by double-checking to ensure that the desired length has been achieved. The essential tools for this job are scissors and pliers. Remember to cut only the horizontal cords. Here are the steps to follow to complete the task by yourself. Offer Ends 3/5/23! xmp.id:04229421-ac69-4183-b6f5-cd1745338397 Mini blinds are typically designed to fit standard window sizes. You need to keep those blinds at the right length and keep them away from kids. Your Do You Need Blinds or Shades Repair Services? Step 1 Raise the Levolor blinds out of their brackets with your hands and lay them on a level surface. Please have the volume up for the verbal instructions. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Pulling on the lowest slat. Unfortunately, finding the right set can be difficult if you have small or irregularly sized windows. You should think of it as a fun DIY project. For this reason, resizing the blinds is often the ideal option to make them fit non-standard-sized windows. Since you removed the bottom rail earlier on, now is the time to reattach it to the window treatment. Install. Fortunately, shortening cordless blinds does not require power tools. Cordless mini binds can make an excellent addition to any dcor. There are two ways in which the blinds are installed. PDF/X-1:2001 Raise and lower your shade with style and ease using a cordless lift system. Furthermore, long blinds may actively take away from your home dcor. The Levolor Vertical Blinds Backstacker pulls vanes to one side starting with the last vane rather than the first. Then tie two knots with the remaining cord below the eyelets to reinforce them further. The cordless window blinds have a rail system according to which it runs along the length of the slats but is intertwined with it. It can make an exciting DIY project for both DIY newbies and veterans. [7] 3. How To Measure for Blinds and Shades. This process, too, requires some caution because there will be cords dangling all over the place, and you dont want to damage anything. Slide the bottom rail plugs back on the lift cord and tie a knot. DO NOT try to adjust the length by pulling on the lift cord. STEP 8 Double check the desired length of the blind before any further cutting; then, trim all ladder cords 4 in. On the downside, the height of the blinds may be limited to the height of the person operating them. So if you have irregularly-sized or small windows finding a fitting set from the manufacturer can be difficult. Taking this step is also essential in ensuring the slats hang evenly. Work on adjusting the fit yourself by shortening the blinds manually. %PDF-1.4 % Step 5 and step 5 are interchangeable. 9. Thankfully, you can always shorten cordless mini blinds with fairly little effort. 2017-06-01T10:24:19-04:00 To improve the aesthetics of these cordless mini blinds, Fitting cordless mini blinds may be safer for kids, How to remove levolor cordless cellular Shades from brackets, ShadesU Window Blind Dual Layer Zebra Roller Light Filtering Sheer Shades, Achim Home Furnishings Cordless Morningstar 1 Light Filtering Mini Blind, Redi Shade Inc 1617201 Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black, LOTUS & WINDOWARE MLX2272WH Lotus & Windoware Cordless 1 Vinyl Blind, Bali Blinds 044294 187900 1 Vinyl Cordless Blind, 8 Best Cordless Air Duster of 2022 [Expert Reviews], 10 Best Cordless Snow Shovel of 2022 [Expert Reviews & Buyers Guide], 10 Best Cordless Steam Mops of 2022 [Reviews & Buyers Guide], 9 Best Cordless Snow Blower of 2022 [ Expert Reviews & Buyers Guide], Panasonic Cordless Phone Problems and Solutions, What To Do When Your Cordless Phone Says Line in Use. The plugs help keep the lift cord and the slats in position. In this video, Blinds.com shares some of our favorite window treatment options for bathrooms. In this section, we observe the oft-recurring problem of shortening cordless vinyl blinds. Cut the string ladder above the rung that hangs below the bottom rail. The blinds generally look better over the windows when they fit properly. xmp.did:7b5a7876-e289-4712-b513-df3b3848e405 Make sure that the lift cords are even and that the bottomrail hangs straight. If your cordless blinds have the design that includes end caps, slide out the slat from the bottom rail after removing the end caps. This makes them convenient and easy to control, besides having a range of styles. How to shorten cordless mini blinds remains the same regardless of the type you have. Get a hold of the lift cords and start working to connect them to the bottom rail. If they arent, pull out the instruction manual and install the blinds first. Have all the tools you will need for this exercise within arms reach. However, vinyl blinds are now also gaining prominence as great and cost-effective substitutes. You cannot proceed without knowing how the blinds extend over your window. This gives you the most accurate measurement to determine how short to make your blinds. Cordless mini blinds do not have a string to pull when you want to lower or raise the blinds, and this is where the name comes from. Best cordless blinds units give you the flexibility to control the lighting in your room. To see a detailed video of this operation, visit our website at: . Step 2: Test the blinds by lowering and opening them. The second cord called the ladder cord, weaves around each slat and runs along the front and back of the blinds. Next time order custom blinds from Blinds.com. 3. Cutting them in these areas allows them to come free, after which you can then cut the now unused horizontal connector cords. This will release the string ladders and reveal the knotted lift cord. Browse our Buying Guide to learn more about different window covering styles and options available through Blinds.com. Then decide how long you want them to be and place a paper clip on the pleat where it needs to end. . If you find it easier to reverse the steps as well, feel free to do so. Extend blinds and mark the desired length. STEP 9 Take the eyelets from the parts bag; working from inside the bottom rail, simultaneously thread both sides of the ladder Follow the steps detailed below carefully to ensure no problems arise. For most manufacturers, any form of alteration on the blinds voids warranty. Depress the lift button and slowly raise the bottom rail until it touches the new last slat. Learn more in this short video. 10. Blinds that are excessively big for windows are not great to look at. Here is the list: Once you have all the tools in place, you can begin shortening the cordless blinds by following these steps. The next thing you have to do is to remove the bottom slat. Remove plugs located under bottom rail. Choose your mount instructions below. New blinds can be terrific household accessories, but that can only happen if they fit the right way. There are two main reasons why you should shortencordless mini blindsthat hang well past your window. In this video I give detailed directions on how to shorten these cordless window blinds. Insert the bottom rail back into the ladder rung where you removed the top slat. By so doing, you will slide the lift cords through the tiny openings in the bottom rail and the slats immediately above it. Grab the bottom rail of your blinds and look underneath it. endstream endobj 89 0 obj <> endobj 90 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 91 0 obj <>stream All you need are a pair of scissors and. If satisfied with the new blind length, trim all the ladder cords to four inches below the bottom rail. If your blinds have the design with the button rails at the bottom, you can pop the button rails right back in after step 11 above. Finally, install the bottom rail end caps onto the bottom rail. Get The Necessary Tools: A pair of scissors and a plier is a must, so ensure that you have these tools ready before you set out to follow this exercise. From there, you can select a new bottom slat and move the bottom rail up to match with it. These end caps are likely to be distributed at intervals along the length of the rail. You can remove the excess slats first by cutting them at the holed points where the cords go through them. Vertical Shades. There are three main types of cordless blinds: You have probably noticed that the only difference between the cordless blinds above is the material from which they are made. So start by lowering the blinds to their full length. NOTE: This is for Trim+Go cellular shades sold in Canada only. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Begin the process of shortening the cordless mini blinds by seeing how the set fits over your window. As phones are getting smarter and homes are getting integrated, the world of window treatments is also, simultaneously, undergoing a change. Microsoft Word - Cordless Wood blinds Shortening Instructions.doc Author: AB07048 Created Date: At this point, both the end caps and the bottom rails are removed. Toddlers are very curious and they will check out anything within reach. Depending on what kind of blinds you, you may also require a putty knife. Grab your putty knife instead and use that to get under one side of the plug. If you need help, we shorten for $25 per window. Mini blinds are often inside-mounted so you have to take measurements in specific ways. Blinds, Sheer If you prefer, you can refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer. When you are in the habit of doing stuff on your own, this exercise can be fun and interesting. There should be an opening there that the lift cords can go into. To put it simply, excessively long blinds pose a threat to curious children. Skip the phones, check your order status online. Removing the excess slats and ladder cord will also be necessary if you want to ensure that the blinds work properly. below the bottom rail. There, youll find the parts known as the plugs or end caps. Regardless of the name cordless, it still has cords that go through the slats for a smooth operation. Removing more slats than necessary could also interfere with the cordless blinds lift mechanism. Customer Support . 2017-06-01T10:24:19-04:00 Select The New Bottom Slat: Instead of the already existing bottom slat (of the overlong vinyl blind), choose the slat which is right next to the window sill, and bookmark it. You also need to get the width measurements. Position your tape measure along the bottom edge of the windows upper casing and pull it down. Measure the blinds from the head rail and use a pencil to mark your new desired length. Insert The Ladder Cords In The Bottom Rail: Insert the ladder cords in the opening in the bottom rail, and then pull them as far as possible. If the measurements arent similar, use the longest one you get. Trim The Ladder Cords: Double-check the desired length of the shortened window blind, and then trim the ladder cords after you've cut their metal eyelets. Use a tape measure to determine the exact length of the window that the mini-blinds will cover. Check on that before proceeding with any shortening and decide if youre okay with that. Slide your headrail into the brackets and then fold the brackets down to secure the blinds in place. If you cut the vertical lift cords, you will ruin the blinds. Look at your window sill and make note of the desired new length of your blinds. learn how to install Bali vinyl blinds with an inside mount. So make a mark on it to know which slats you will remove and which ones will remain. Next, slide the bottom rail out of the string ladders to access the blind slats attached to it. The blinds can have the bottom rail housing the last slat and covered with caps on each end. Effective on 11/19/19 for all US accounts*, a flat rate freight charge of $90 will be added to all orders with any product that has a width 96" and greater. From the open bottom side of the rail, pull the ladder cords as far as possible. Take this opportunity to straighten them out as well. All the tools you will need for this project are staples in many homes. %PDF-1.4 Next, install the small brackets. Cellular Shades, Panel Untie the knot. Installing and shortening our Trim+Go Cellular Shades is a simple task with our detailed instructions. Replace the plug caps with the ladder cords in place. Instead of exposed cords that raise and lower the blinds, this system features an adjustable tension string with multiple spool drums to do the job. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Playing with such blinds could cause minor accidents to your little ones, which makes shortening them such a good idea. You may either cut an even amount off of both sides or cut only from the pull cord side. 5 WAYS MODERN TECHNOLOGY MAKES YOUR LIFE MORE CONVENIENT, 5 Ways You Can Use Solar Power In Your Home, How To Install A Cornice Window Treatment. Insert each of the lift cords through the bottomrail hole. You do not want to snap the wrong cord as so doing might damage your entire mini blind setup. If they dont fit, well replace them for free! Whatever the case, your user guide should indicate how to go about it. 6. The manufacturer may note that any blinds altered will have their warranty voided. If you have extra brackets, insert them along the top window sill between the two corner brackets. Research into the maximum number of slats that can be removed from the specific type of cordless blinds you have before starting your project. Orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska have a flat $35 surcharge. Start by fastening the brackets to each window corner or at intervals along the top window sill depending on the system. Remove Excess Ladder Cord: Trim the extra ladder cord below the eyelets of the new slat, and then tie them properly to ensure safety. Adjust your blinds to the exact length youd like by lowering or raising the knot in the lift cord. Undo the knot in the lift cord and pull up the lift cord enough to release the slats you need to remove. To pull the clip up and away, push the flat head screwdriver handle. They also help protect your privacy when you want to keep your space separated from potentially prying eyes outside. ,xs, CustomSizeNowCordlessWoodShorteningInstructions.indd. Shortening cordless mini blinds requires only a few essential tools that you likely already have at home. We hope you find this tutorial helpful for your next home improvement project. Shortening cordless mini blinds will make them better-fitting and more beneficial to your home. We store towels, medicine, toiletry supplies, first-aid gear, massage devices, facial steamers, spare Painting your garage is a great way to improve the look of the space and make the walls easier to clean. what happened in claridge, maryland on july 4th 2009, scratch and dent appliances ephrata, pa,

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