At all. Length of the drama did the most harm. Family member donation would also allow people to jump ahead of the waiting list for the organs of the recently deceased. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access I really really loved the dialogue under the tree. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Luckily, the police are able to stop the bus, and Hae-chul finds Gong-ju scared but safe. I loved so many of the actors going in and they didnt disappoint. Summary "Reunited Worlds" is a fantasy romance drama dealing with love of childhood chum. But when the lad wakes, the silhouette is gone. Hae-sung, Hae-chul, Young-in, and Soo-ji rent a cabin to spend some time together. Hae Sung is a healing character. Thank you! For me, hope is at least something that keep me to endure the thought of dying or fearing some of my loved ones could die. He takes Tae-hoon to see Min-joon, then Tae-hoon leaves to give them some privacy. In the . I teared up a lot throughout the ep. Jung-won-ah, remember me., But Jung-won says that she wont do that: From now on, Ill love you, forever., With an expression of utter peace on his face, Hae-sung looks up at the sky and says, Jung-won-ah, I was happy that I could love you again. She thanks him for enabling her to love again, and he answers in a dreamy, faraway voice, Be well. It just nailed the things I love the most in dramas like the wonderful characters and heartwarming story elements. A sucker for everything horror and different art styles, Siddhartha likes to spend his time reading subjects. We forward in this generation, Triumphantly However, the deep friendship, concern and even a familial sort of love that HS and JW shared did always shine through. [6][7], " ' ' ! She was attracted to him, but when it came down to the actual physical acts, she became awkward and embarrassed. Of course, the drama has a beautiful message, but why does it fall so flat for me? The Ending, Explained. John B and Sarah Cameron in 'Outer Banks' season 3. Thank you LollyPip for your recaps. As for herself, Jung-won says that she lives every day to the fullest, still feeling lucky for the miracle that Hae-sung gave to her. He had a smaller supporting role in the drama as a mysterious man who helps Hae Sung. He adds that he doesnt want them to be sad, and to let go of their resentment now that they no longer have to live as a murderers siblings. He'll be in the movie 1987 soon though so there's definitely something to look forward to (even if it's just a special appearance). You should try Circle too then! js = d.createElement(s); = id; There's a lot to unpack in this sci-fi cinematic platformer. 0. The actors, with the exception of TaeHoon's dad, made it pleasurable for me. Soon after, Jung-won holds her first book signing, and shes surprised and pleased when Min-joon shows up to have her sign the copy that Hae-sung gave to him. Change). Black Crab Plot Synopsis. Would love to see him in a love comedy and no more death please. Later, Hae-sung goes outside to find CEO Cha waiting for him. Its rare for me to love a drama like that, but I loved Reunited Worlds! Inside, they encounter. In the final season, the six campers who were originally stuck on Isla Nublar during . But at least he seems to be making the effort to change, so its a start. Soo-ji is doing well and has been accepted to college. He is now 31 years old, but he still has the appearance and personality of himself at age 19 when he disappeared. His sudden return changes things again and leaves her with a lot of conflicted emotions. Having similar feelings to when Bride of the Water God ended? credit is given to Kdrama Kisses ( with clear and He takes a call from Yoo-min, whos with Ho-bang and Hae-chul after their failed attempt to catch Dong-seok. I can see how this can be taken advantage of and I know there are some issues with organ theft around the world (and maybe especially in Asia?) Hae-sung quietly takes Gong-ju from the table to give his family some privacy. This had lovely moments in it, great characters and a wonderful heartwarming message. Hae-sung buys a copy, which he gives to Grandmother, and she grumbles that Jung-won always drew pictures to criticize her, so its probably not any good, ha. Reunited Worlds Original title: Dashi Mannan Segye TV Series 2017 TV-14 IMDb RATING 7.3 /10 274 YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 0:35 1 Video 99+ Photos Fantasy Romance Sung Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo, Circle: Two Worlds Connected) is a cheery high school student. (function(d, s, id) { if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Tae-Hoon and Min-joon deserved more time on their relationship too. round-up saloon dance lessons; electric fan schematic diagram; the day i died: unclosed case vietsub; lego 41450 instructions Jung-won tells him that she loves him, and that theyll be together again someday. (LogOut/ Reunited Worlds A high school student loses her boyfriend in a car accident. The disintegration of the Shimmer allows for Lena's escape back into the real world, where she is reunited with her "husband." Lena might not be who she says she is In the end, Lena is. The basic premise of the anime revolves around a futuristic form of technology or code known as the ALLTALE, which stores every intricate detail of the world in unlimited memory space. I feel disappointment and regret. 16ep were enough. All of his other drama's he acted as a child actor are awesome too. It crafted a world of characters that I loved and couldnt help but root for. js.src = "//"; Language: Korean . While I loved the deep friendship between Yun Won and Hae Sung, the writer and director made some bizarre choices with their relationship in regards to physical intimacy. I think he deserves someone who would love him back wholeheartedly. I have my issues with how the show glossed over important plot developments - e.g. They make some bibimbap, and over their meal, Hae-sung tells Jung-won clearly this time, I love you. Without a moments hesitation, Jung-won replies, I love you, too.. There, he walks into a shocking scene. And even better is that she was ready, so even though shell always miss him and grieve for him, she was able this time to let Hae-sung go with love and peace in her heart. Everything wrapped up perfectly in the finale. Hae-sung tells his friend to be happy, taking his hand and promising that when they meet again, hell repay Ho-bang for everything hes done for him. But if this were a real phenomenon, there would be no easy answers, so Im okay with the fact that Hae-sung and his friends and family will never really know why he was one of the lucky ones. :(. . His smile is sobright and endearing. }; Oh and MinJoon, you are loving HaeSung way too much. Hae-sungs return served to remind them that we never know how much time we have together, so we should love each other while we can. Of course, the drama has a beautiful message. Reunited Worlds is a warm, healing drama that heavily focuses on relationships. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Couch Kimchi I truly appreciated the message of love, life, and optimism that is becoming hard-to-find in the fight to capture ratings nowadays. I felt Min-joon was pushed aside in the back half and yet he was one of the more interesting characters. I am a little sad to see it go.. maybe because there isn't a new YJG drama in the horizon yet, and I've grown accustomed to having him on screen in 2 back to back dramas ( I hope his next one doesn't have a slow-mo shot of him being run over). The cinematography is quite lovely too especially with the scenes shot in the countryside. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. when a girl says she's a hot mess. Ahn Jae Hyunis Cha Min Joon who is a chef that runs the restaurant that Jung Won works at. Did I miss something? Coming from one of my favorite writers (whose works include Beautiful Gong Shim, Girl Who Sees Smells, and Rooftop Prince), I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. No one belongs to that world and everybody will left eventually. js.src = "//"; xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page But the surprising thing is how quickly everyone just accepts and adapts to him. With little effort, Hae-sung rips the door off the car and pulls Dong-seok free. Ho-bang grows more concerned about an explosion and Dong-seok starts to scream louder, apologizing for everything. He is now 31 years old, but he still has the appearance and personality of himself at age 19 when he disappeared. The ending to Naughty Dog's harrowing game builds upon the overall bleak tone in a very dark. Network: SBS. Eventually they caved and confirmed that: 1) no, not everyone was dead the whole time, 2) yes, that was a "heaven-esque" setting in the church where all the characters met, and 3) the purpose was . If this had been a smaller, quieter, more introspective drama it would've smoothed out a lot of the weirdness. She looks and sees Hae-sung standing in the spot where she last saw him, smiling at her. Having recently gone through a loss, I couldn't help but really feel that pain. It looks like they did bc they remember "oh we need to find a culprit" . Runtime: Wed. & Thu. Historical events like the American Civil War, The World War, The Indian Independence movement, and the fight against apartheid in South Africa have been a source of infinite stories, and over the years, we have seen those stories getting adapted into films. But for the funny moments, nobody (Yes, literally nobody) takes this thing seriously. With the assistance of his friends and Jung-won, Hae-sung sets out to make things right for his family and solve the mysteries surrounding his death and resurrection. I wish I could see my family member again and hug him again and again, and though I continuously told him I loved him I wish I could say it twice as much again. Yup, that would be one of the few differences. They rekindle their relationship while he also works to bring healing to his friends and family after the hardships they suffered because of his death. She has finally concluded the powers of a mind fairy are more of a curse than a blessing, and decides to have her magic restrained. Hae-chul and Yoo-min have reconciled, and they live with Gong-ju in the same building as Jung-won. The viewers are now waiting for an official announcement from the network about season 2. Lee Yeon HeeplaysJung Jung Won. #9. Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama, Supernatural Tags: Supernatural Power, Reincarnation, Older Woman/Younger Man, Superhuman Strength, Love Triangle, Deception, Comedy She says that Hae-chul finally named the restaurant 5 Brothers and Sisters, which has become famous for its good food. The missing boy, identified as Gaurav Singh, who had gone missing from Mohali on January 3, was found . He steps forward and takes her hand, and they turn to look at the sky together. by | Jun 16, 2022 | digestive system pogil answer key | lyudmila ignatenko second child | Jun 16, 2022 | digestive system pogil answer key | lyudmila ignatenko second child My take is that HaeSung returned. At the center of this conflict is a woman named . var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; YJG as Haesung~ His smile really did cheer me up a lot while his tears had me crying as well. Dong-seok breaks down and admits that he and Kyung-chul had a fight, and that he killed him. Of course, I noticed the last episode rushed a few storylines, but that happens a lot in kdramas. Who reminisces a rival like an ex-lover? It would've been so great, especially since the supporting cast was amazing. I dont want to sound too critical. In the Illusionary World the girl is Ushio and the doll is Tomoya. He just smiles and says she looks prettier from this angle. But there were also plenty of moments for him to showcase his incredible acting abilities. There isn't much in terms of action or plot but it stresses the importance of family and friendship. Hoping for the best, but emotionally preparing for the worst. TaeHoon felt bad for making his dead friend take the blame for murder and wanted to repay by taking care of his siblings. He reveals that Liesel died "just yesterday," at an old age, far from Himmel Street in a suburb of Sydney. I really enjoyed her. Some wrappings I can't agree with, but whatever. This drama is flawed in so many ways but other second leads should learn a thing or two from him. It's based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer and tells the story of a group of scientists venturing into a strange quarantined zone called the Shimmer. She turns Hae-sung to face her and asks if he thinks her wish will come true, and he just gives her a sad smile. I've being mad at this drama for a while, even when I was loving it. The concept behind the drama was really good though. In losing him to just tragic circumstances, Hae-sungs family and friends had forgotten how important they were to each other, and I believe that thats the real reason he came back. They stop at their tree and remember the times theyve spent here together. I love you.. Haesung and his loved ones made me laugh and cry throughout. They pull apart, Jung-won nods, and Hae-sung slowly, slowly steps away from her, their fingers touching until the very last moment. In theory, the Illusionary World is the afterlife; when a person dies they are still connected to the real world, yet they are free to create their own world. Original Soundtracks: Reunited Worlds OST; Synopsis. It is hard to live as if your last day may be today, and then loving workout regrets because as hard as it sounds, it is all about love in essence, but it is not about love in the practice and those we love are hunted by their own problems, andie life is also hard for them. or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. One ending I think, I haven't found anything in the game's code that could prove multiple endings. Ha Chul, another cool character turn into dust in 5 sec with that infamous voice over. 4. -That scene were TH's fatther apologizes to Hae Sung was painful to watch, because the older actor was forcing it too much, which maybe happens when the scene is not being felt nor believed by the actor and I got that feeling. Overall, this was heartwarming and enjoyable but could have used better planning. appId : '127538621120543', For me, she's die and they reunited again and they are so happy now"Forever" like a telled Jung won. Ive enjoyed watching the relationships between all of the characters grow and change, as Hae-sung taught them that the most important thing in life is to love and cherish one another. }); I was overall satisfied on how this ended. They definitely had some difficult issues to work through though with Jung Won feeling guilty about Hae Seongs death and Hae Seong wanting her to be happy. There is never a point in our lives where we could be like Hae sung and say: now everything is ok, I can leave them in peace. The ending I guess is open to interpretations. Theres also a fantastic soundtrack that completely enhances all aspects of the drama with fun, romantic, and sad tracks. But to his and everyone elses surprise, he shows up 12 years later looking exactly the same! I didn't like this either. I thought the drama just got better and better as it went and didnt find anything bothersome. All in all, I loved this drama for the same reason I loved Five Children, Father is Strange and, the most similar of them all, Warm and Cozy. After watching the masterpiece that was Circle, i was so happy to have Jin Gu again in my screen so soon, the drama had problems but him being an amazing actor was for me the reason to stay, any other actor i probably gave up this. Theyre surprised to see Young-joon there, looking sheepish but happy to see them. In many ways, despite telling us they were together, they were in fact just good friends for most of the drama. Hae-sung thanks her and makes her pinky-swear that shell be okay until he comes home. The characters and relationships made the dragging plot bearable. Everything was better when he was there. Most of his friends and family reacted understandably shocked and confused when first encountering him. I understand that this was a very rushed drama and that was obvious in the storytelling especially in the back half. And I was so ticked when the narration just casually mentioned that Hae-chul was back with Yoo-min! Dunno. Di y l 5 iu chng minh Reunited l tc phm ng xem cho ma h ny. Hae-sung asks how Dong-seok could have seen him kill Kyung-chul when hes not guilty, and he even threatens to ask Kyung-chul himself. 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day). It was at least fun to see Yeo Jin-Goo update his instagram every week with cute pictures. What a nice story. Jung-won looks up to see a star streaking across the blue sky. Meanwhile, Dong-seok gets to the airport, but Ho-bang manages to intercept him. Ive never been disappointed with her so far, and Reunited Worlds contained all of the things that I like from her. The two grow close once again as they attempt to figure out not only the circumstances around his tragic death, but his mysterious reappearance. It took me a while before I fully trusted Minjoon but he is really just a sweet and thoughtful guy. ( ) . He goes pale as he hears Hae-sungs voice say, I didnt kill Kyung-chul. He sees Hae-sung standing in front of him, and at the sight of the boy who died over a decade ago, Dong-seoks legs give out, and he crumples to the floor. 4.00 (3 votes) Cast Main Cast. Although originally born in the same year, two people end up being 13 years apart, an 18-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman. but still ><. reunited worlds ending explained Posted on 26 February 2021 by Hae-sung tells his friend to be happy, taking his hand and promising that when they meet again, he'll repay Ho-bang for everything he's done for him. Hae-sung takes a ring out of his pocket, reminding Jung-won of the time he gave her a ring made of a beer can tab. YJG is a truly amazing actor. And while I wouldnt call Hae Sung and Jung Won a sizzling couple, they very much felt like a real, comfortable couple to me. Maybe it's the message that resonates with me, but while it did take me some time to get through this drama, the ending was perfect in my opinion. This way, we know he helped everyone around him. Reunited Worlds . Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I would have liked to see what prompted CEO Chas change of heart, since last we saw, he was vowing to Min-joon that he would never apologize. They threw his motivations out of a window. But its good to know that when the time came, Hae-sung was ready and unafraid, because hed had enough time to say a proper goodbye to his family and friends, and to tell Jung-won that he loved her. So it's over. Too many people, too many stories to deal with, too many episodes about nothing, plot was put in hold and they pushed and rushed everything to make to the end. So I could have used less exploding cars and more time spent on these relationships. He never disappoints me. From the beginning, everyone was dead in Angel Beats. I loved watching him bring his family back together after they were torn apart. The interesting point here is that a boy is 18 but a . I cried watching this on the train T_T. This man is awesome, and it's not perfect, he has his own struggles, and was reduced to nothing. The fate of a kingdom will be decided. Its just such a rarity that I genuinely enjoy ALL of the characters and their stories. I'm glad they were able to properly say their goodbye to Haesung. I think it was the fact that my own family has struggled this year that brought this drama home for me. I find that YJG has no luck in choosing good script. He couldnt be prouder of her, and she makes him cry when she directs him to read the dedication, which says, For my love, Hae-sung. He reads the book right there in the store, smiling when he recognizes their moments that she included in her story. Ho-bang appropriates another car and races after him, with Hae-sung riding along. 1. Hae-sung turns back and yells that because Dong-seok killed his friend and let Hae-sung take the blame, his friends and family have been suffering for years. Ho-bang warns that the car could explode, but Hae-sung coldly tells Dong-seok that theyll just be going if he has nothing to say. The second time, it's in the first . Hae Sung was a truly amazing character that I cant imagine anyonebesidesYeo Jin Goo playing. Embarking on the ship, The Venture, Searcher Clade and his stowaway son Ethan search for the heart of Pando and soon end up stranded in a subterranean world filled with gelatinous creatures, monsters named Reapers, and Searcher's estranged explorer father, Jaeger. There is nothing like that. From friends to family to lovers. They all get choked up when he gives them little bits of life advice and tells them to be well, knowing he wont be there to share their futures. Of course, they get to be at odds a little bit, but they develop a mutual respect for each other. Sometimes ordinary things are what make our lives extraordinary, especially if we have people we love and who love us just as fiercely. But now im sad, because there is no more Jin Gu. They really were a wonderful group of people in Hae Sungs life. I also really appreciated the friendship that develops between Hae Sung and Min Joon. The hope of a resurrection, not like the one in this drama, which is of course all fantasy, but the resurrection the Bible talks about, the promise we have from our creator that we can come back to life and actually, don't need to die again. I feel like it was stretched out too much and didn't have enough heart. Hae-Sung and Jung-Won didn't have too strong of a connection somehow? Millworthy was called by Fletcher and Winetrout, and he was asked to be a part of the interim government that was being formed to look after the state till the time they chose the next chancellor. Instead of looking afraid, Hae-sung grows calm as he nods that hes okay. Immediately, Jane writes to the Rivers, explaining what she has done. They turn their backs to each other, and Hae-sung says softly, Jung-won-ah, I think its time now. To increase his and the East India Trading Company's power in the Caribbean, Lord Cutler Beckett executes anyone, including women and children, suspected of or remotely associated with piracy. Jung-won tells Hae-sung that Min-joon has gotten very famous since returning from Paris, and we see him giving a television interview. [/geolocator_show] fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Tae-hoon tells everyone that he and Young-in are dating again, prompting Hae-sung to say that hes lucky to have friends that make him so happy. NETFLIX VIU . I really want to believe that He is really back since HS told Ho Bang to meet again & JW also said the same thing when He varnished. Although Jung-won and Hae-sung were born in the same year, the two childhood friends end up being 12 years apart because they have aged at different places (worlds) for some strange reason. Tbh, I had suspected Tae-hoon as being the murderer, since it will explain why Chairman Cha went to such lengths to buy over Yong-joon and keep the matter of Hae-sung's accident hush-hush. The blonde woman Vlad talks to seems to be the reincarnated form of his dead wife and they reunited in this time and world as they had once thought of earlier in the movie. Hes trapped inside, and when Hae-sung approaches the car, he asks Dong-seok one more time for the truth. Not to mention a lifetime of ignoring and scorning his firstborn son, who is an amazing person despite his terrible father. It was the other drama that he acted this year and it has rave reviews from people who watch it. My two favorites in Hae Sungs group of friends included the always hilarious Lee Shi Eon as Ho Bang and the adorable and feisty Park Jin Joo as Jin Joo. So many times in dramas the supporting characters feel like filler. 3. Some relationships are there from the beginning while others develop throughout the drama. According to the sci-fi dynamics of the technology that are established in the movie: the code of ALLTALE can be manipulated, an . With Hae Sung and Jung Won, I think what I found strange was how physically attracted she was to him and how that was so important to her character. I could see Young In did not even fell for it. I'm only on 37 and I can't get past the fact that a non-family member can't donate because it's against the law?? I loved how comfortable they were with each other. I do have to mention my favorite ahjussi Ahn Kil Kang. I think all the reasons you loved it are the things I liked about it too. On Hae-sung's birthday, his girlfriend Jung Jung-won (Jung Chae-yeon) prepares a surprise party for him at his house. But I did eventually adjust my expectations to fit with the drama since it was very consistent in how it handled the reactions to Hae Sungs return. The freaking broken rules. If he can return once, who says he can't return again when the conditions are right, right? And I think thats why I got so disappointed in the back half, because the setup was so amazing. I feel disappointment and regret. Lastly, the bromance between the lead and the chef was really nice. This is the first drama I've watched with Yeo Jin-goovery impressed and looking forward to catching more of his dramas. how has bobby flay influenced modern cuisine. Ending Explained. Ho-bang and Jin-ju are still disgustingly in love, and Moon-shik is still Moon-shik. If you haven't placed it together, the . Hae-sung was a truly special soul, and Yeo Jin-gu was able to show a nuanced performance as he dealt with a situation that no teenager should ever have to face. Acting was very good; Yeo Jin-gu just keeps getting better and better. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Hes one of those actors who just rips my heart out when he is sad or cries. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Though it seems he only gave monetary aid to one and left the others to rot . But once they were a couple, the writer and director couldnt handle that aspect of her personality so they pretended it didnt exist. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); A high school student loses her boyfriend in a car accident. Reunited Worlds () ?? sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. This is my only hope, and it is what it makes me hang on throughout the days. I do agree that it did that last episode quick wrap up thing that so many dramas do when pressed for time. Condemned prisoners defiantly sing a song to summon . So while it definitely has plenty of issues, none of them mattered to me since it got what I loved most right , Pingback: Korean Drama Update for September 2017 | Kdrama Kisses, Pingback: Best Korean Dramas of 2017 | Kdrama Kisses. Now Jung-won is a 31-year-old woman, but Hae-sung is still a 19-year-old boy. If you have a willing donor and they match, they should be allowed to donate. Synopsis [ edit] Sung Hae-sung ( Yeo Jin-goo) is a senior high school student. Dong-seok leads Ho-bang and Hae-sung through the streets, but before he gets very far, he slams into another vehicle in an intersection, causing his car to flip over before skidding to a halt. @Reunited Worlds ", "Ahn Jae Hyun Joins Yeo Jin Goo And Lee Yeon Hee In New Fantasy Romance Drama", "TNMS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu",, Shin Soo-ho as Kil Moon-shik (31-years-old), Kim Han-na as Sung Gong-joo (6-years-old), Park Seung-tae as Kang Mal-yi (78-years-old), Park Hyun-sook as Cha Min-joon's maternal aunt, Kang Sung-min as Park Dong-seok / Jason Park, This page was last edited on 24 January 2023, at 10:03. At the same time, the Church has many beliefs that are more nuanced and difficult to comprehend. The two grow close once again as they attempt to figure out not only the circumstances around his tragic death, but his mysterious reappearance. He tells Hae-chul and Ho-bang that if he sees them before boarding his plane out of the country, that theyll never see Gong-ju again. reunited worlds ending explained. Something I found a bit unusual in this dramawas how Hae Sungs return from the dead was treated. Reunited Worlds [1] ( Korean : ; RR : Dashi Mannan Segye) is a South Korean television series starring Yeo Jin-goo, Ahn Jae-hyun, and Lee Yeon-hee. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I can't stand two bittersweet endings in one dramabeans reading session huhu. or Ugh, it still irritates me. Shes Hae Sungs best friend, and they were just at the beginning stages of a blossoming romance when he died. Really looking forward to this , It was such an amazing series for me. Edit: these spoiler tags will be the death of me. Also, the award for the most underused character goes to the last friend (the nerdy secretly rich one) who was the only one without his own storyline. Shes asleep, and by Dong-seoks smirk, Im guessing he probably drugged her. ^^. Everyone at the Snow Ball Wins Except Poor Bob. I really like how he treasures both the leads equally and that he has given them both good counsel when they needed it. Him disappearing and leaving the rest of them to deal with all the baggage wouldn't make anybody happy. The thought about JW will be forever alone just gives me heartache. I also got the message, but those I love don't think the same, and they are far away.

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