Randi Richardson is a reporter for TODAY Digital based in New York. They said it's also important to them that their wines are affordable. Now we want to make the kind of wine we fell in love with.. It was all the feels," she said. It was a runaway success, and the two have since amassed a McBride Sisters Collection that includes a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris from Marlborough, as well as a sparkling ros from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; and a California Central Coast Chardonnay and red blend. The McBride Sisters Collection wines are offered across the United States and New Zealand. Design is a wonderful way to express a message through illustration, and were glad we had the creative opportunity to pay tribute to three extra special women. And so they collaborated on a delightful ros, just when thirst for pink was surging. Raised on opposite sides of the globeNew Zealand andMonterey, California the sisters equally fostered a unique appreciation for the craft of winemaking. Through their core values: sustainability,. House of Pure Vin is a fantastic wine tasting place and shop and we have a lot of friends in Detroit. Founded by sisters, Robin and Andra McBride, The McBride Sisters Wine. At the age of six, she was raised by her uncle and a foster family after her mother died of breast cancer. We (Robin and Andra) consider ourselves to be a pride. Q: What attracted you to sell your wines in the Detroit area? The sisters say they made it against extraordinary odds, but it shouldn't be that hard for Black women or minorities to join the wine industry. What they unknowingly had in common was that they both grew up in wine country: Robin, in Monterey, California, and Andra inMarlborough, New Zealand. Enjoy Responsibly. Our mothers led us to where we are today, and for that, we are so grateful! "The phone rang, and I picked it up, and the person on the other end of the phone, said, 'Hey, Andra, it's your dad.' Photo: Courtesy of McBride Sisters Collection. The fun and fab SHE CAN canned wine collection and its related SHE CAN Professional Development Fund, are inspired by the endless pursuit of all women who are making their dreams a reality and breaking barriers daily. And the farming she describes is sustainable, the wines made with minimal intervention, designed to showcase the place. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Growing up, it was just me and my mom and no extended family. We both like aromatic whites and medium-bodied reds.. It was then that the McBride Sisters Collection was born. Born nine years after Robin, also in L.A, Andra was unaware of her older sister. [12] The most popular set is a trio of Black Girl Magic wine featuring bottles of riesling, zinfandel, and ros. And I definitely lost my breath," Andra recalled. What is 'North To Home' all about. We bought some wine and had 120 days to pay it back. The largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, McBride Sisters can now be found everywhere from Trader Joes to Target, but the journey to building the thriving family business is even more impressive given that Robin and Andra didnt even know about one another for the first half of their lives. Crushed raspberry and black cherry aromas are dusted with loam and layered with beautiful florals, sandalwood and spice. The McBride sisters and their staff make the wines at custom crush facilities in California and New Zealand. In staying open, you never know whator who you may discover. The McBride Sisters crest weve created, which is a part of each bottles label, really illustrates and captures our story quite perfectly. Robin and Andra McBride, founders of McBride Sisters Wines, are the first African-American sister duo to found and establish a wine company. Now, the company offers products across the United States and New Zealand and raked in over $5.5 million in sales for fiscal year 2020, according to Nielsen data cited by Wine Spectator. As with the substance of the larger brand, the label is drawn from the sisters experienceits bright red VW bug the getaway car that ferried Robin and her mother up the state way back when, with the Big Sur bridge in the background. The collection also includes merlot, zinfandel, and a red blend, as well as a zesty sparkling brut thats perfect for toasting to special occasions. That we have our very own! McBride Sisters: You can't pick between your children! When she was 2,. They did pretty well until 2008 when economic woes hit the country. "[7], The McBride sisters grew up far apart in acclaimed winemaking regions, unaware of each other until they were adults. [6] In the 12 months leading up to October 2020, the McBride Sisters had sold 35,000 cases of wine at retail outlets, according to Nielsen, making it the largest Black-owned wine company by volume. We wanted it to be inclusive, comfortable, unintimidating, says Robin. Most of the options from theirtwo labels, eco.love andTruve, retail for under $20 and are sold around the country at more than 1,000 retailers. Robin (right) andAndra McBride (left) are teaching others what they've learned about the wine industry as sister co-founders of a booming wine company. A bright, silky palate is balanced between sweet-seeming fruit and earth, delivered with artful plushness. The sisters said with the doors they've opened, they're committed to doing their part in leaving them open and helping others through. Fluker: What is your favorite wine from the McBride Sisters collection and why? All rights reserved. As the two got to know one another, they discovered a shared passion for making wine, something they each developed growing up in the major wine regions of New Zealand and central California. The family had been sending letters to every Robin McBride in the phone book until finally one made it to their intended recipient in Monterey, California. After meeting in 1999, their curiosity for wine became a true passion as the sisters began a wine import business, importing unique New Zealand wines into the US Market. The sisters said their current career goal is to help usher in a more diverse generation of winemakers. As minoritiesand women, we knew we had to work harder. Their father, a rakish, Alabama-born 6-foot-6-inch wanna-be actor with 11 siblings, had a way with the ladies. [5] As of 2020, Wine Spectator noted that it was the largest Black-owned wine company in the US by volume. What inspired each of youto go into wine? Where Will Wine Take You? They had a dream between them, of making wine. Robin said the industry is "very complicated" due to heavy reliance on gatekeepers wholesalers, distributors, retailers and more before it's greenlit into production. They launched the She Can Fund in 2019 and have invested more than $3 million to date in women particularly Black women and other women of color in the food and wine industry. Their signature McBride Sisters Collection wines are direct reflections of the terroirs of their youth, with flavors designed for all palates. In 2005, the sisters found themselves together in California, fueled by a shared passion for all things wine, wine-making . Fluker: McBride Sisters also offers the Black Girl Magic Wine Clubs. "We didn't know about each other at all when we were growing up," Robin said. They are looking for brands with a large social footprint, in areas including sustainability and even social justice. They affectionally named the wine with the peacock on the label Cocky Motherf*cker in honor of their father. According to NPRs How I Built This podcast, the half-sisters who were coincidentally raised in wine regions located in different parts of the world Andra with her mother Pauline in New Zealand until Pauline died when Andra was six and Robin with her mother Karen in Monterrey, CA the sisters grew up unaware of the other and were each raised as an only child. From the time we met and when Andrea moved to California to go to USC, thats the time we got to know each other. "We had these dreams and had we not met, we probably wouldn't be in the wine industry, but we kinda felt like the stars lined up," Andra said. The lionesses and peacock represent the Sisters' mothers and father, and together, they have the McBride Sisters Collection. In a 2019 interview, Ashley revealed how tortured her relationship with her father is, in part because of her desire to become a . The story of their journey starts with a man, their shared biological father, Kelly McBride. Their mothers had been married to and divorced from the same man, Kelly McBride, who had not remained a part of either of his daughters lives. Its a great wine drinking city and we wanted to connect with people that weve connected with on social platforms. By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. [6] In 2010, they founded EcoLove, a brand focused on sustainable wines, sourced from vineyards throughout New Zealand. Changing the Game for Dance Creatives : A Q&A with the Talented Taja Riley. We've decided to honor our mothers in the packaging for the SHE CAN line. He died seven months later, before he was able to find Robin (he'd loss touch with her after divorcing her mother). The story behind the recently arrived wines in the McBride Sisters Collection begins with two half sisters who grew up nearly 7,000 miles apart and were completely unaware of each others existence. [14], As of 2015, McBride Sisters had a team that was 80 percent female, including their head winemaker and vineyard director. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. We were in our early twenties and thirties the industry had never seen wine company owners like us before. They were the first to tell us that SHE CAN do anything. Andra McBride was a 16 year old living in foster care in New Zealand when she got a phone call from her biological dad in Alabama. Robin was raised in Monterrey, Calif., and Andra, born 9 years later was raised by her mother in Marlborough, New Zealand. Enjoy Responsibly. They initially settled on the idea of importing and selling wines from New Zealand to restaurants throughout California, a concept they pivoted and grew into the McBride Sisters collection that exists today. Sign up today and save 15% on your first purchase! The sisters started small. Born in the states, Andrea's mother took her back to Marlborough, New Zealand where she would grow up believing she too was an only child. We just went around all of it and created demand," explained Robin. And for that, they are both grateful to a father they never really knew. These Pretty Cocktails Will Impress At Your Next Dinner Party, 9 Whiskey Cocktails That Go Beyond The Classic Old Fashioned, The IKEA X Marimekko Collab Is Inspired By Nordic Self-Care Rituals. Robin and Andra are generous in their success, with a She Can Professional Development Fund donating part of the proceeds from their She Can wines this year to women entrepreneurs. McBride Sisters Wine Company is a Black-owned female-led wine company in the United States.12 The company was founded in 2005 by African American. Andra didn't visit her family in Alabama again until two years later. Sep 16, 2021, 12:00 ET. Sisters Andra and Robin McBride are changing the face of the wine industry, wine consumers, and representation of Black women overall. Andra said. OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- McBride Sisters Collection, Inc., the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S., today announces that it has received a . [13] In December 2020, Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre recommended the Black Girl Magic Sparkling Brut as "delicious". The origin story behind the McBride Sisters Wine. "Both of us were growing up thinking we were only children-- completely, you know, opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean.". And so the realization hit that that was the first time that I'd seen my sister, who happened to look a lot like me at that time," Robin said. Fluker: What do you envision for McBride Sisters wine for the next 3-5 years? Culinary Masters Following a lengthy search by his family, Robin and Andra met for first time in 1999 at LaGuardia Airport in New York. They told us we CAN do anything we set our minds to because they knew that no goal or dream is too big. This one is fresh, lifted and beautifully aromatic, with lemon blossom, juicy green apple and hints of crushed rock on the nose. Theirwines will also be sold at Kroger stores. Join our community of wine lovers & be the first to know about virtual events and new wine releases. Join our community of wine lovers & be the first to know about virtual events and new wine releases.

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