They had more than enough evidence and leads to solve the case but they ignored so much of the evidence. So easily noticeable. Your email address will not be published. Hi Birgitte, thank you for your comment. That does not make sense if they were genuine. Certainly, each country around the world offers valuable experiences in their own way. Los expertos en conductas humanas (psiclogos, antroplogos, etc. Regarding the existing photos its a big mess. ?If they were attacked by people immidiately after this, how they took the photos?? Like she was scouting and turned back to talk to Lisanne, shielding her eyes from the sun to see her. Thats suspicious and leads me to question if government was involved to some degree. So they made it out of there, The picture with her standing at cave entrance is also the same place she was standing in dark way off in background. The remains of two American women who went missing after their plane crashed off the coast of Panama a month ago have been recovered, officials said. This story struck my heart. Kris en esta foto, tiene sus manos atrs, que podran estar atadas o esposadas . Like a trap net or something. She must therefore be in a house or building of some kind and therefore being kept prisoner at least for the 8 days before that photo was taken. I was visiting Panama and Boquette July 2014, thats when I first heard about this case and was following it ever since. Notice how Juan has actively injected false information into the public investigation, including a picture of 4 people standing in a pond with heavily photo edited faces (one of them has their head moved off of the neck in a very obvious edit). Lets try one more time then (and please dont censor this, even if you think that it is not pretty murders rarely are! No Chris, I assure you, police investigations are routinely botched like this in the third world. Fingerprints were not investigated. I think this was a setup for the 2 girls from the beginning. Hi Anna, youre casting a wide net when you say If anything, they work harder to try and bring anyone to justice that harms a tourist.. Unfortunately, this camera setting is not public knowledge, but the default mode is Continuous.. Its a sect of foreign Christians that set up in the area and murdered 6 people FROM one of the local tribes. Given that most people crop off the top of this image, people would have missed the findings that I mention below. There are no public statistics. Im sure that when they left on that short hike that their intention was to be back home before dark and to be back to the host home for supper on time. Hi Nick, yes I would agree that the red object above is just decaying plant material. Loads of speculations as to why they didnt leave messages to their families. The rock in the riverbed is very distinctive was this location ever found and explored? The problem with the links you are providing is not that the links themselves are necessarily unsafe (they could be, but we wont test them)the problem is that ALL of your links require users to download some form of content. That photo was wiped clean from the SD card, which is a strong clue that someone deleted it after the other photos were taken. I really hope the girls rest in peace and that nobody goes through this ever. The causes of Kremerss and Froons tragic death have never been determined and the two bodies that were recovered have not even been conclusively found to be either of the girls. A closer look at mysterious disappearances that continue to baffle detectives. Who would do this, and why? Two years later, a 23 year old American woman is strangled to death while walking the trails. scary We have no police report to read which its self may also contain errors. Despite these . I would also like to know the time that photo was taken that day. Please read. I get why people really hard want to believe theres something more to it, but hiking a lot (in very well known areas) you can go lost SO easily. Im not sure though, Id have to search in my graphic editor again. Also the path looks to be a dried up river vs a man made path. May the case stay alive and well. Froons bones appeared as if they had decomposed naturally, but Kremerss bones were mysteriously stark white as if they had been bleached, raising questions about whether someone had been involved in their deaths. I think we are all seeing things that arent there. Ive written about many disappearances in Central America:, Thank you for your comment and please feel free to send me any notes/info that you find. (this was enhanced by an AI as someone who has studied this sort of thing professionally, explains some of the distortions and weird patterns in the photos leaves and vines, the AI distorted her face lol and it made it appear she has no arm from the elbow down). I suppose incompetence runs at many levels. Maybe the girls did perish deep in the jungle, but that doesnt rule out somebody causing them to get lost. After frolicking in the sun and taking photos for a while they decided it was time to return home, BUT they had no idea where they entered the jungle so they could not find the way out of the jungle back go to the trail. If you follow down from the two red objects, there appears to be something that looks almost like blocks or siding shingles. This is a great question. The backpack had no scratches, no marks, the camera and mobile phones inside are as good as new. I think murder is quite likely. The indigenous locals that were committing the sacrifices were influenced by a villager that had recently travelled abroad and returned to his village with extremist Christian views. People began to suspect something happened whenthe dog Blue returned from the hike unaccompanied. Im sorry but the question deserves a dumb answer. as soon as u see 1 photoshopped pic u know something is wrong,, the bag turned up to keep the police from searching the jungle. Also mobile signals are better at night yet no calls were attempted. Jalisco authorities have launched an investigation in connection with the enforced disappearance of four tourists. US Is Europe's No. Being disoriented, and losing a companion, hunger, asthma. Someone called her so she turning to look at them. That is why the poor often resort to vigilantism. Photoshopping is not hard to do nor is it very tactical as many have proposed here. I do not think this case fits the criteria of missing 411. The photo to me appears that she simply is bending over to get the sun out of her eyes, with her right hand help up to shield the sun. The emergency calls still dont go through. Thanks, John. After the alarm was raised on April 2, a search party was sent to look for them but nothing was found until ten weeks later when a local woman who found Froons blue backpack turned it in to authorities. There is so much to see and Juan is amazing. Hi, there sounds plausible but there is something about this case when I start to find some closure that it was an accident OR indeed foul play, I get new evidence from the internet debunking the conclusion I arrived at. Several of the relatives and friends of those visitors to the Quintana Roo who went missing formed a group named "Truth, Memory, and Justice" in an attempt to . Yes indeed!I hadnt noticed that before!is it a carved rock of sorts?. I think its very possible that someone was with them or joined them along the way at some point. In Latin America, it is as common as drinking coffee. I prefer to think that the two girls had some sort of accident, still horrific but better than being murdered. They decided to take that short hike, but they failed to tell anyone where they were going and what time to expect them back. They know that youre supposed to find a river, so they set out in search. Some suggest that they could they have seen something that they didnt want the rest of the world to see. After cops searched the area where the backpack was found, they discovered Kris' clothes neatly folded along the edge of the river. I noticed this too. Maybe its just pareidolia, but i think its a manmade object. Most novices wouldnt know how to properly handle something like this, so it was probably someone experienced with computers. Lisanne or Kriss hair and head 4. the dried short (Kriss) 5. both fell but their belongings were intact, no cracks in the phone? I think Kris and Lisanne were two smart, savvy, levelheaded young women. I think that this is a photoshopped image made by cutting out a picture of Kris and pasting it onto a background to give the false impression that Kris and Lisanne went on the Pianista Trail. Also why did they go alone without a guide? Ive been to Brasil and the Amazon and spent nights there in the rain with a crowd though. & very very eerie all in all- I think youre absolutely right on its significance. They very quickly realized that they could not find the point where they entered the jungle and if they were in trouble, and that is when the 911 calls started. On the original, her face doesnt look like that at all. The first all the black area behind her was blackened and smudged. There seems to be no pictures of the dog. It only makes the image look more detailed, but the detail is artificial and can be very misleading. The point is that all of this case was poorly handled by the authorities. In the days following the students' disappearances, authorities conducted footand aerial searches. I think they were murdered and their greatest mistake was to travel to this little town in Panama. Again, these are just observations. Her right hand is clearly raised in front of her shading her face from the sunlight. El despus, es pnico y preocupacin. (The photos where the sky is suddenly cloudy). I would like to know their movements precisely from arriving in Boquete. From Chriss other article it seems the girls took a taxi to the hiking starting point? December 20, 2022. So why did they go on a trip on April 1st? Friends Kris Kremers (born August 9th, 1992) and Lisanne Froon (born September 24th, 1991) were two Dutch tourists who went missing under mysterious circumstances in early April of 2014 while on vacation in Panama, allegedly disappearing during a hike on the Pianista trail near Boquete.. While I do believe eventually, and possibly soon after this, there was foul play, I dont think anything untoward was happening as of this photo. I think it would be a mistake to assume Lisanne knew her friends password. I look forward to learning more and you do valuable humane work helping other young adventurers. A priest of sorts. The dog came back, but the young women didn't. Also theres a distinct small x made of branches or plastic in the top-mid right corner of the pic amongst the foliage that looks a part of the make shift roof/net. Before you even pointed out the manmade ceiling structure I noticed that. incredibly complicated for a new story to be written. Two months after the backpack was found, a pelvic bone and foot still inside a boot were discovered in the same area, according to La Estrella de Panama. Perhaps that is where this photo was taken and a search should be done there. Hi Chris, great work by you on this. After exhaustive thought, my theory: First, respect to family, friends, and the good. There are some walls of rock in an area which I think is called los Naranjos, not too far from the Pianista trail (relatively speaking) and is where people go climbing. He went into the girls room without police, he was involved with finding of the backpack, and also the bones. The place itself might reveal some clues as to what sort of person or people would construct it and what are the chances of them doing something bad. Why would they remove them? Ive even been contacted by people in Asia. Or locals found the bodies and stole the bag and items. Cops quizzed locals, tour guides and other hikers, but only the photos and call logs provided a slither of evidence as to what had happened. The two friends were traveling home after spending New Year's Eve weekend at a bed and breakfast on the Panamanian island Isla Contadora on Jan. 3 when their small plane, piloted by the B&B owner, suffered an engine failure and crashed off the coast of Chame, according to friends and family. Hi Jim, I appreciate your comments but please lay off the language of calling people fools. Its thought that Kremers and Froon were exploring nature without anyone else around. That said, even if there is a structure there, it has been made clear that there are a lot of trails on the other side of the El Mirador that are used by the indigenes, so it wouldnt be surprising to see indications of these areas being used. He has a reasonable explanation for why she is having to bend down, and he found video where you can see a turn to the left where kris is. Jeroen Jumulet / Stringer / AFP / Getty Images, Blue returned from the hike unaccompanied. Curious if people have found these specific locations and done some extensive testing and exploring in those and surrounding areas? More than 100 pictureswere on the camera; the first few looked like normal tourist photos with the womensmiling together. These were of seemingly random objects, like a stick with plastic sticking to it, as well as scenes of foliage, canyons, anda bridge. Is the time that photo was taken known? How certain are we that they started at the trail head as we are told? Trials are too costly. More info here. In May, a 61-year-old American man went missing and was presumed to have gone overboard while on a cruise through the South Pacific, according to a report from the Australian Associated Press. Our team is planning to go to Panama later this year (2021) to collect information involving the case. Why would the perpetrators concoct all of the photo/backpack evidence? Someone was with the girls when the two photos of them were taken on the Pianista summit. I have no doubt that the camera was tampered with. Some of them are human, including several skulls and a young girls intact corpse, in the bottom right, with a large hole in the head. Hi Rune (and Stian), great points. Packed up the bag, left it, and tried to walk out. If the dog was with them, we cannot know for how long, nor why the dog left the girls. They make no sense in spite of the speculation. Hi Chris..I just came across this story yesterday and it was really sad and disturbingI hope the truth comes out too. From 508 onward. Hi Chris, good question. How long does an AI correction take for you to do? Someone with darkish skin. Rarely are foreigners targeted for a reason other than pure opportunity. Could the structure built above be some sort of a net or trapping device? So this photo may possibly offer more insight into the story. But then Im immediately confronted with conflicting evidence to suggest otherwise. Wow, theres a lot going on in this picture. Could the red object be a bird? Experts proposed several theories about how and why the women took thesephotos. Both of their phones finally ran out of battery by April 11 - ten days after they disappeared. I dont know if youve noticed this or not. . According to ageographicalexpert, the three-mile stretch is relatively easy to explore, and most missing tourists return without assistance or come across search parties looking for them. After this, the photos were from April 8, 2014and likely snappedbetween 1 amand 4 am. Most of the pictures taken on April 8 are of complete darkness while some show the jungle floor, but two pictures are alarming: one is a picture of some of the girls belongings on a rock, and the other shows the back of Kremerss head with what appears to be a bloodstain in her hair. What kind of twisted f*ck stick makes this kind of comment? As a side note, if all of the photos are in the order in which they were taken, why do they put their hair up, and take it down so much? Did they lose it right at the start of the hike, but didnt bother to go and look for it? For all that we know, it could be someone who works for the police who did this. Also, I do not know about the girls living situation and the relationship between the girls and the owner. Further to my earlier reply of a few minutes ago, I think the dying from exposure angle is only possible if we consider that either the girls abandoned the rucksack for some reason or it was discovered after their passing. Life of a stay at home home. I think its possible the red and black object is actually just a reddish-brown dead plant leaf jungle leaves can get rather large. Also there is a consistency to the timing of SOS attempts occurring two times each day +/ a few minutes of the exact same time. For other inquiries, Contact Us. But there are a few holesin this particular theory. Perhaps someone has just hit Kris on the right side of her head and she is putting her hand up to where it hurts. He has collected much that is out there but still the majority is second hand and we have no information as to the voracity. There is, of course, the possibility that they might have agreed to share passwords considering that a remote wilderness could present an emergency that might result in a combination of one of them losing her phone while the other was too incapacitated to work hers. Much, much more revealing. Im always looking for answers. Do they know more than we do? All Froon and Kremers photos were taking with phones and a camera from six years ago, probably jpeg, with all the associated algorithm issues, let alone we have no idea of the provenance of the photos we are all seeing, I doubt any of it is first generation copies straight from the devices, and every time we copy a photo we risk changing the data somewhat. ), podran darnos explicaciones de la posicin del cuerpo, de las manos y la expresin del rostro en la foto 506. The camera had a video function this could have been used including of course sound. Basically, theres a lot of government corruption and poverty as a result. In the end, maybe this photo has more information that was originally thought. It doesnt matter. OmgIm staring at this pic. How close was this tribe to where they went missing? is. Hi JW, yes I agree with you about many things. In 2014 Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, both from the Netherlands were traveling and exploring the Central American country of Panama. Most dog owners here do not use a leash when walking their dogs. Debra Ann Velleman's husband, Anthony Velleman, another passenger and the pilot were rescued by Panamanian search and rescue teams. No replies are deleted except in rare cases of spam, inappropriate language/links, or disrespect to another contributor. These other comments are just people seeing what they want to see, to make things more mysterious. Hi Justin, Well done the image is really sharp now. Hundreds! Around 2 oclock. Slight left and up from the girl. The blue item could be anything, but shows someone has been there before. Snoeren and West believe that flash floods, which are typical to that area, would make strategically placing items impossible. Fearing that these two strangers may bring the wrath of God upon him, he releases them into the jungle. Sadly however, the Beaumont children are just three of around 2,000 long-term missing people in Australia. Adventurers and travelers seek different experiences. The science can speak for itself. So, if the dog went on the hike with the girls, its most likely that the owners would not have known that fact. Fortunately, I have that ability. Kris and Lisanne's families decided to fly out to Panama and bring Dutch detectives with them. I do believe that this appears to be some sort of structure though, it does seem like some vines / branches have been woven together to form some sort of hut and even the AI enhancement would not make the blue appear on the floor so distinctly, the color and look almost reminds me of a scrap of denim like material? Before that, in image 507 & 508, you can see Kris in a stiff, nervous posture, because the girls saw someone they were afraid of closing in. Well done Chris on highlighting the strangeness of this place. Where did he leave them? There is what appears to be a well trodden, narrow path to the left of her which passes behind her and enters a very dark area at the back right, which could be the cave. Wonder if it could be a piece of an aircraft wreckage. Who knows if the girls really went for a walk that day by themselves? The BLUE object on ground could be a BRA. I think the left arm is visible behind her hanging down. So, unless there was camera tampering (that may be since one photo was apparently deleted digitally), her hands are not tied. Please note: Our team is committed to accuracy of information and respecting the privacy of those involved with this disappearance case. The blue object looks like it could be a crushed beer can. Hi Mel, thanks for sharing. I was surprised to learn that. Nobody is safe. They took a swim before the trip with to local young man the same day they went in the forest. The mans face is clearly visible standing behind the rock with the red bags. Bright sunlight is coming in from the left side of the photo, so Kris holds her flattened right hand up to her face to shield her eyes, similar to a salute. Lisanne believes her dead. The girls took photos of so many things, even many mundane thingsbut for some reason the dog wasnt present in any of the photos. Its perfectly normal and had they not tragically passed, its the type of photo theyd have been joking about later.

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