These early wheels don't look like the windowed mags we've come to know and it's on account of the wheel mounting system at the time. View Details. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7594795106. posted: 2023-03-01 17:15. updated: 2023-03 ., Esajian Wheels Plus, the genuine Halibrand magnesium wheels with knock-off center hubs really make this worthy of the icon. His passion, drive, and determination to engineer the best products for the automobile racer and enthusiast is what catapulted Halibrand into the forefront of wheel and race car technology, a market that demands nothing but the best. About Halibrand An early pioneer in the racing and performance wheel industry, Halibrand has cultivated a storied presence in lightweight and competition wheels for all forms of motorsports dating back to the 1940s. Naturally, the outbreak of war sidelined his racing aspirations; however, the war effort served him well. A. Cast or forged, we can customize your wheels to truly reflect your vision. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. Thanks for the link, Dave -- excellent article! Porsche steel wheels; Halibrand 15"x 9.5" magnesium "champ" wheels..gasser..rat rod.sprint car(US $899.00) 14 x 6 oldsmobile rally super stock iii wheel 1982 date coded cutlass 442 ii oem(US $75.00) Vintage set of 2 15x7 mags - torq thrust style for corvette, but not american(US $450.00) 2022 Real Rodders Wheels. This is the Malloy Special with Troy. Join now, put us on your favoirtes & start saving today! Not "most cars"every car for a decade or so was depending on the strength and performance of the magnesium wheels that Ted Halibrand and his workers made. This was part of Halibrand's exploration into "street wheels" instead of focusing strictly on magnesium racing wheels. Just after the war-some say 1947-Halibrand rented a building in Culver City, California, and set up shop as Halibrand Engineering. View Details. Another thing would be to search the web with "magnesium wheels", see what turns up. Seventeen consecutive National Driving Championships and 23 consecutive National Midget Champions wore Halibrand wheels. Take advantage of our sale and enjoy owning the best for less! The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. The problem is that magnesium is highly reactive and acid dipping (pickling) will not make it less so. in the 30 plus years that i have been collecting halibrand wheels, this is the only pair of magnesium halibrand 15"x 12" "special offset" "sprint" style wheels that i have ever seen! I have a friend who has a powder coating company so if heat was involved I have access to that technology., Weld Racing Wheels In 1982 the company was sold to wheel producer Jackman Industries, which held the company until 1988. Racers of all types loved the light weight and strong construction of the wheels. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. By the 1960s, Halibrand equipment was the standard for racers, gearheads, and even the OEM manufacturers. Rugged and built for speed. Your purchases make possible. They are cast from AZ 91 alloy. But there's plenty of uniqueness on display here, too. from Abe Books These are the correct wheels for the car., Early Wheel Company, Inc. Most current wheels dont use the long shank lugs. South Gate, CA 90280 Please HELP ! QUICKSTART FOR NEWBIES: link] This 1960 Chevrolet Corvette, chassis 3535, is a milestone of American motorsports history. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Porsche 914 Mahle 15x5.5 magnesium wheel p/n 914.361.015.00 at the best online prices at eBay! Guaranteed lowest price! By the 1960s, Halibrand equipment was the standard for racers, gearheads, and even the OEM manufacturers. Sold by 2girlscollectibles | Ends on 2023-03-05 23:00:00., American Racing Equipment During Ted Halibrands ownership, the company produced quick-change rear ends, hubs, spindle kits, spool kits, V-drive units for boats, and disc brake kits for Indy cars. I subsequently got into a business selling buffs and compounds as I found these worked faster albeit the wheels had to be removed from the car. P.S. Wheels for Sale . Coating should maintain the color close to the natural color. According to Eric Vaughn, ARC was sold to Jackman Industries in 1982., Made For You Products wheel bolt pattern tools As proven as the design was in steel, the reliability didn't translate to magnesium; the material's greater expansion rate than the steel hub compromised the fit between the two, causing the splines in the softer magnesium to fret and crack. Simichrome keeps them shiny for more than 2 days. They are held on by the same long-shank lug nuts that hold the wheel on. Stay up to date with the latest releases, events, promotions and more. company". E-T Indy New from E-T Wheels The new Indy is a throwback to the days of front engine Indy roadsters and USAC dirt track cars. Thanks for the valuable info. They are available in true knock-off, with our adapter kit or your knock-off hubs. x ., Champion Wheels Dinan Hyper Kinetic HB003 Wheel 19x8.5 in. These are a style of wheel that was always one of my Dad's favorites on other people's hot rods. (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Scotchbrite pad got them looking clean and vintage looking. You could say Halibrand was a child of the race car. I used to think Gibbs was overpriced and gimmicky, but I've grown very fond of it lately. . - Bert, "Engineer To Win" A very interesting question! We need more information about your vehicle to confirm fit. He started out as a dirt track racer who haunted Hinchliff Stadiums sprint car racing scene in New Jersey, coming into his own during the Great Depression. [affil. But to be fully sealed the wheels would have to be polished, then fully sprayed with Sharkhide so no areas were left exposed. Many ads for magnesium wheels. Thank you. Contact Seller. When they are polished they look better than chrome/aluminum. Magnesium, alloyed with aluminum and zinc, created brutally strong yet surprisingly light parts and once the war was over, that knowledge became his winning formula when he returned to the racetracks. Applying a standard wheel cleaner to your alloy wheels could damage them. These "knockoff" hub covers are designed to mount on the flat face of "mag" or "Halibrand" style wheels. 339.95. Al 6061: Al 95.8-98.6(wt.%), Cr 0.04-0.35, Cu 0.15-0.4, Fe max 0.7, Mg 0.8-1.2, Mn max 0.15, Si 0.4-0.8, Ti max 0.15, Zn max 0.25, Other, each max 0.05, Other, total max 0.15. WHEELS American made wheels for today's Hot Rod enthusiast. Lot #100437. I really like that look. To mount these on wheels not using the long-shank mag nuts, you will have to drill and tap . As further proof of Halibrand's design's merit, it's been said that Halibrand wheels with their pin-drive system were on 19 Indy 500 winners. Affil. 279.95. Randy's car had the correct reproduction Halibrand wheels from Real Rodders and they looked spectacular. That wasn't always the case. Used by multiple AMBR winners. Halibrand, The Original Mag Wheel Company, Proudly Reintroduces the Iconic Sprint Series Wheels Choose from the Following Sizes and Backspacing (BS) Options: 15x4.5 (BS 2.13"), 15x5.5 (BS 3.0"), 15x6 (BS 3.13, 3.75"), 15x7 (BS 4.25"), 15x8 (BS 4.25"), 15x9 (BS 4.25), and 15x10 (BS 4.25") Halibrand Hb008-025 Sprint Wheel 15x4.5 5 On 4.75 In Polished. I know the impregnation system with thermosetting methacrylate. ZU VERKAUFEN! Dow 7 2 2 products; Original Sprint 1 1 product; The Original 2 2 products; New Arrival 4 4 products; Tri Bar 2 2 products To keep this showcase concise, we're concentrating on the wheels the company produced when it was under Ted Halibrand's purview. The Legend Returns! . Thank you. The question is if they were to be made, would it be better to make them 15" X 6" as . Menu. w/ chemical supplier - Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sorry, this RFQ is outdated, but technical replies are welcome., Independent Racing Wheel What good is the Halibrand Engineering legacy if no one knows it? That's a shame, really. Or email Halibrand 15x6 Magnesium Culver City Wheels scta nhra sprint indy car 6 pin vtg Pre-Owned C $3,283.86 Seller: vintageflth (653) 100% or Best Offer +C $703.68 shipping from United States 13 watchers Sponsored 1/24 Scale: Resin 17/15-inch Vintage Halibrand Gasser Drag Wheels W/ Slicks Brand New C $24.11 Top Rated Seller Buy It Now Vintage mag wheels, either original factory-issue or aftermarket custom add-ons, have been made since the 1930s, and came into the popular spotlight in the 1950s and 60s, the Halibrand Magnesium Roadster Wheel being a true pioneer and one of the era's best known. Where tooling and molds were damaged, destroyed or recycled, we have carefully worked to re-engineer those wheels back into existence using the latest manufacturing methods available, while retaining the detail, style and heritage that makes them a Halibrand product. Privacy Policy. 100% Made by Craftsmen Who Care. From the early 1950s right on into the 1960s, EVERY car competing at Indy had Halibrand wheels on them. New Zealand, land of the long white cloud. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ShakeyPuddin55, Mar 5, 2008. When someone built a new dragster, American or Halibrand might have sold several pairs of rear wheels, but no fronts. The only thing that I've used for over 50 years. ORIGINAL EMPTY TUBES for CHAMPION 707 MOTOR and CANDIES SLICKS from the 1960's were they on a funny car with a quickchange . The Halibrand Replica Wheels are made of aluminum and can be purchased, for example, in metal gray with polished beds. A., Top Fuel dragsters and Fuel Altereds from the early Sixties through the mid-Seventies, "Halibrand files Chapter 7 bankruptcy, CEO opens similar LAs Farmers Market on Fairfax was once the site of Gilmore Stadium, home of midget racing, and Santa Clarita had the 1/3-mile dirt oval of Saugus Speedway. They are for a Cobra car project. Q. We offer real name brand quality for less than the cheap imitators. Would the Eagle One Etching take the rust stains off, thereby eliminating the blasting need? Contact them all. Dave 604-454-4010 Attached Files: Halibrands 18X5.5.jpg File size: 172.2 KB Views: 117 HairyCanary, Feb 22, 2023 SHARE POST #1 bowie likes this. LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE CALIFORNIA. Link And of those two, the wheels hold probably the biggest sway. You could find many hot machines (like Lance Reventlow's Scarab Mk.1) wearing nothing less. Built for the true American Hot Rodder. The information is there, it's just that not much of it has been compiled in bodies of information. Gibbs darkened them also, really well too. Halibrand magnesium wheels big window, sprints. For the ultimate in visual and mechanical authenticity, you should use Pin Drive wheels.All pieces are available from E.R.A. Drag racing cars like the Stone/Woods/Cook Willys coupe had Halibrands on all four corners. Your Name: Your E-Mail: . Manufacturer: Halibrand., Center Line Wheels 350. from Abe Books Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Gasser Front Halibrand 1pc WHEELS W .950 OD Tires RVL1:25 Serch LBR Model Parts at the best online prices at eBay! Posted Here's the ordering information: 1963/1964 Studebaker Avanti Authenticity Manual Sometimes you get lucky on Marketplace.this time, my score is a pair of magnesium Halibrand wheels, which were only offered for a short time in 1964. While builders at the time made midget wheels by welding Model T brake drums to 12-inch-diameter rims, Halibrand made his the same way Douglas did for its Dauntless fighters. Both aesthetically and mechanically, Halibrand's magnesium wheel design was a dramatic departure from the wire wheels that were common back in the day, offering not only a distinctive look, but strength and weight advantages as well. After all, working at Douglas put him front and center as technology unfolded. Shame somebody ruined a set of magnesium wheels. I have bought some of the "Chineese" Halibrands as we like to call them, but I didint' think these were exact copys. Polar Lights #6502/3/4/5 Hawaiian Rambunctious FC Parts Wheels & Tires Halibrand American 325551463098. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. RZ5: Mg 94.05, Zn 5.62, Zr 0.19, Ce 0.10, Nd 0.03 (wt%). (You must log in or sign up to reply here. All rights reserved. They are a match to the Mechlic(sp) wheels and have a much larger window. The first cars to exceed 140, 150, 160 and 170 MPH qualifying lap speeds at the Indy 500 wore Halibrand wheels. While World War II was raging on, Halibrand became a field service representative, leaving his Kurtis-Offenhauser behind and traveling the world over while helping to maintain the aircraft that Douglas was cranking out for the Armed Forces. + $9.99 shipping. Striking at the right time for both the street rod and sport truck movements of the 1990s, Halibrands line of classic-inspired wheels (now cast in aluminum and polished bright) gained a newfound audience as well as the eyes of those who had fond memories of the past. Trimmer Paul Reichlin (Cedardale Auto Upholstery) and machinist Buffalo (Buffalo Enterprises) let us snap shots of their collections. Whether you drive a muscle car, classic or modern street truck, there's a US Mags wheel for your custom ride. The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful. Now part of Holley, Halibrand offers a comprehensive selection of modern, high-performance wheels, that continue its tradition of style and speed. Carroll Shelby put them on the Cobra and Daytona Coupe, Chevrolet ran them on the CERV-1 prototype and the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport, and youd be hard-pressed to miss seeing a set on a local hot-shoes ride around town. The wheels for the coupe are Halibrand magnesium 15 by 8 and 15 by 4 1/2 Sprint that I've cleaned, sanded, and given a brushed finish. During its ownership by Ted Halibrand from 1947-79, Halibrand Engineering cast parts for just about every racer-even boats. Some of the biggest brands producing magnesium wheels in the past include Halibrand, American Racing, Campagnolo, Cromodora, Ronal, Technomagnesio, and Watanabe. Classic, Custom, Performance and Vintage Wheels | American Racing American Racing AR941 Mach Five - Gloss Black - 20x10 - 20x11 - Ford Mustang S550 1/1 AR941 Mach Five Bring your Mustang's wheels up to spec. . This is in no way a comprehensive catalog of Halibrand wheels. 1970-76 PORSCHE 914 (Wheel Rim) 15x5-1/2 Alloy OEM 4 Lug. The more positive-engaging design gave Halibrand's wheels several advantages: they were stronger, lighter, and required far less maintenance. note: We appended your question to this thread, Vaughn where it's already answered. Not only is it the most hallowed of all in hot-rodderdom, it's probably the only chunk of real estate where the high-tech and traditional movements find common ground. I have a set of real magnesium wheels produced by a company called Halibrand. These Wheels ar Show off your Holley Pride! Colin Comer's car as pictured in the link above uses four 'front' traditional Cobra-style 15x7.5 inch wheels. The vast majority of "mag wheels" are actually aluminum alloy. This would reduce the cars overall weight and more important, the unsprung weight of the vehicle, and the experiment paid dividends on the track. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BigJim394, Feb 24, 2006. Magnesium Finishing He would also make them out of magnesium, but the cost would be prohibitive. ). Very Clean nice Six pin Safety Wheels with good dirt tires . Lejeurrne rekindled the Halibrand name soon after, but the new company's name is Halibrand Perfomance, not Halibrand Engineering-the company Halibrand founded. Terms of Service. Price: $3,200 For Sale: Halibrand magnesium wheels. My question: Is there some kind of clear-coating process that will withstand the elements but not "dull the shine" of the wheels?, Prestige Wheel Accessories If you ever wondered about the origin of the term mag wheel, you can look directly to Halibrands magnesium-alloy wheels that dominated racing for the answer. Does anyone have an idea on how to remove the corrosion from a magnesium motorcycle case and leave it bright? Two-Piece Mag Gray Center Polished Barrel: 15X6: BLANK: XXmm: 83.06: 41.99 lbs: 1580: 4427403501: $599.00: VN427 SHELBY COBRA: VN427570XX: Two-Piece Mag Gray . Bogie 1 - 11 of 11 Posts, McGard wheel locks Q. I have some old Halibrand automobile wheels I would like to restore the original Dow 7 finish on. 2 Halibrand WHEELS W Goodyear Blue Streak Drag Race Slicks 1: . Genuine USA manufactured Halibrand Five Spoke Wheels 5 x 5 stud pattern to suit Chevrolet C10, Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Impala SS, Chevrolet Blazer, ., 1309242537 . Excellent condition wheels - not a single mark on any. Get a Quote for . View Details. A story about Halibrand's early years explains it best. Phone: 714-533-3286 or 602-806-3757 . honored Ken for his countless carefully researched responses. Link Buy Halibrand HB008-004 Sprint Wheel 15x6-5x4.5 3.75 BS Anthracite Machined Lip Semi Gloss: Car . Choice of leading builders and champions for over 33 years, with more custom finishes offered than anyone else in the business! It would be wrong to refer to any of these wheels as Halibrand copies, because they're not. Through countless successes in Indy car championships, land-speed records, drag racing wins, and more, the Halibrand name continues to be synonymous with victory and a powerful aesthetic to match. Rare 19" pre VE alloy mag wheels and tyres. I've used naval jelly on the aluminum which works fine but it won't touch the magnesium -- actually makes it worse. Halibrand Replica Wheels, which are characterized as light and very resilient, are available in stores. He was born in 1916 in Paterson, New Jersey, home to one of the most celebrated dirt tracks through the '30s, Hinchcliffe Stadium. While far from being the definitive text on the subject, it's a start, They remove paint with paint remover BUT often use the Aircraft Stripper because often the paints (on good rims) are painted using a 2-component polyurethane paint. Thank you., Superlite Wheels He passed away May 14, 2015. HALIBRAND BIG WINDOW SPRINT WHEELS (2) 16X10 MAGNESIUM 5X5/4.5X5 3.5 BACK SPACE Pre-Owned $3,500.00 mericapowersports (2,755) 99.1% or Best Offer +$131.54 shipping 14 watchers Sponsored MOONEYES Die-Cast EMBLEM Toolbox Fender Dash HOT ROD Custom Drag Racing NHRA fed Brand New $27.98 Top Rated Plus Buy It Now andtherocketsredglare (2,200) 100% The problem I am experiencing is that "you just have to look at them" and they start to fade and oxidize. Just before World War II he moved to Southern California, and while working as a service rep at Douglas aircraft he started dabbling with race cars-he even owned and raced a Kurtis Offenhauser midget. Enjoy! All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. He started out making wheels and various parts for race cars, specifically midgets like the one he ran before the war, but what made his parts stand out was due to his background. , He retained the threaded snout similar to the Rudge design; however, instead of using splines, he keyed the wheel to the hub with six pins set in the same pattern that the Midget wheels used. THEY HAVE BEEN PAINTED, WHICH IS FLAKING OFF. ). +39mm Offset - Silver, Halibrand Sprint and Indy Roadster Wheels For 1973-1987 GM C10 Trucks, Take A Tour Inside Holley's Carburetor Factory And Check Out Some Of Holley's History. Closely related historical posts, oldest first Q. I have a set of real magnesium wheels produced by a company called Halibrand. A. I found this question in my ongoing search for a good way to protect my 16 x 13 Halibrand magnesium wheels. Unfortunately, due to the Halibrand trademark being sold several times since the late 1970s, plenty of the brands story and physical history have been lost to time.

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